What is the proper age to tell your child that he came from your heart & not from your tummy...and how do you tell her? Thanks peeps!

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I dont really care about the age. As soon as my son starts talking or begin to have some understanding, I already thought him things like penis (not kukubird), vagina, where he came from and 2 ways how babies are born. He knows that he came from my tummy as he is a c sect baby.

I have started since she was like 6mo. Before she goes to sleep at night when all is quiet i will softly whisper to her about how much I love her etc and I think she can understand that you are trying to convey something about loving them because they can feel it

I guess you have to gauge if she can understand and absorb already what you're going to tell her. Dadating talaga ung time na sila mismo ang magtatanong. So if that happens, for me un na ung tamang panahon to address her question.

Anytime even if baby is an infant. Keeping the communication open is important. They are constantly listening and hearing us without us realising.

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Always start proper communication, there is no age limit. Kids will understand whatever we are saying.

I think 2 years old is the right age to tell them that.