Baby trying stand!

What to pay attention to when babies trying to learn to stand?

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Congratulations, that's one of the milestones for our kids - in no time, they'll start trying to make their way around the house while grabbing onto things! Just like what the other mummies said, you probably need to look out for these things: 1) Babyproof your Home Cover all the sharp corners, remove dangerous items from low drawers/cupboards (because locking them these days aren't gonna help with smart kids), keep wires/cables out of sight, pad/cushion the doors and most importantly - it's time to start shifting things higher up! The table tops where you used to keep things may not be safe anymore, so it's time to keep them out of bounds. You may also want to start looking into safety gates for areas like the kitchen entrance! 2) Check on your furniture If your baby uses a playpen, it's time to bring the panels down. If you have heavy furniture, especially things like drawers for clothes - it's time to consider an alternative to them. Why? Because when they are able to stand, they can roll out of the playpen/baby cot. When they cruise, they'll grab on everything they can see - and babies are MUCH stronger than you think. Such furniture has the risk of falling down on top of your little one! 3) Safety first, all eyes on the baby! While it is tempting for us to wanna capture these moments with our mobile phones, please keep all focus and attention on your child when they try to stand/practice walking - if possible, get someone else to help take photos and videos instead! 4) Get a good pair of shoes I go by the 5 Cs - comfortable, convenient, cost-efficient, coverage, cushion. It has to be comfortable for your child, convenient to put on, affordable and provides good coverage for their feet - generally the idea is a totally covered shoe with good support and cushion along the heel (where the pesky blisters strike!). A good brand would be Stride Rite, but otherwise just get a covered shoe that fits well and provides good support - no point spending too much on this because just like their clothes, they outgrow shoes real quick! 5) They'll grow up, one way or another While we are talking about learning to stand -> standing -> walk, some kids don't follow the "common" way of development so they may be a little slow in catching up, or even skip steps along the way - and that's totally fine :) Don't be worried too much if other kids the same age have already started hitting the next milestone, every child is different! 6) Embrace the moment It can be a lot to think about and worry (especially if you're a first time mum), but just take things as they come :) Some things are best captured with our eyes and kept in our hearts! They bound to fall down someday, we can't protect them from everything in life - but we can be there to guide them! When your child does fall, try not to make a big reaction because it'll scare him/her - instead, remain calm and help him/her up while guiding them what to be careful of.

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When they pull up to stand, the natural next step is going to be cruising. That's when babies hold on to things and walk around. I would pay special attention to the shoes I buy my baby. Around the house barefoot is the best. However, you are going to need shoes for when you need to take your baby out. Select a good brand and make sure the fit it good.

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Congrats Mum! That’s a huge milestone. I would be careful that sharp edges are covered. While it’s natural to want to be protective and ensure your child doesn’t fall, try to not overly panic and if they fall, they fall

celebrate with your baby! she/he should be able to stand on her/his own progressively longer without support, then next big step, cruising.