What outdoor activities would you suggest for a 5 year old girl?

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Kids just love outdoors and running around when there is wide spaces. I will bring them to a park where they can do cycling, running around blowing bubbles , picnic, looking at flowers . My girl loves gardens by the bay . Beach and playing with sand is good too.foe something nearer to home just bringing them to the small park downstairs to throw a frisbee or to the playground is good enough

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when my elder one was 5 she used to play a lot on the swings and slides. also, i would play badminton with her, which of course she couldn't play yet but still enjoyed. also, a lot of ball games, hoola hoops, hide and seek and such. she also did a bit of cycling around that age, but eventually gave up.

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we occasionally take ours for a short hike. some other fun activities are cycling, swimming, playing ball, going for nature walks and such. we've also tried doing kid appropriate outdoor sports that are often organized at outdoor gatherings and resorts.

Jacob Ballas Garden!

Beach and sand play!