I have a 1y/o. and we usually practice walking, read books, and draw - What other activities would you suggest?

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My baby loves to sort shapes, puzzles, stacks and draw (you know how baby draws, haha). She loves music also so I let her play with xylopiano and drums. In between, we also practice standing and walking, singing and dancing. Maybe it will help if you'll assess what kind of learner your daughter is (visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic) so you'll know what kind of activities she'll enjoy and learn.

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I also have a one year old and since she is an active toddler, she enjoys simple obstacle course. What i do is use a big box that we get from the groceries. It serves as a tunnel then after the tunnel is a pile of pillows that leads to the bed. She will go through it over and over until she gets tired. A good activity to put her to sleep during the afternoon.

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We love to paint using water colors and then we try to make no bake desserts (it's messy!). Eunice enjoys it.. especially eating the ingredients. We also watch nursery rhymes and teach her the steps on the video

8y ago

Yum!! I will look for desserts that we can make together. Thank you!

What about other art related activities? Painting perhaps?(better done with finger paints.more fun) Or maybe making other arts and crafts that are easy enough for the little one to help you with :)

8y ago


Thank you! I haven't really paid much attention in figuring out what kind of learner she is. We should tale note of that soon.

Wow! That sounds nice. My 1yo is always active as well. Looking forward to try this soon.☺