What are the good outdoor activities for a 1 and a half year old?

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I think there's lots to do at the beach. I particularly like going to Pasir ris beach when I was younger. We could do so many things. It was there that I learnt how to ride a bike and to rollerblade. There was also a fish pond and me and my sister used to feed the koi fishes there bread. There was also a huge sand playground with a huge spiderweb thing. Plus, there were other kids there too so it was very enjoyable. Also, it's cheap and practically cost nothing, assuming you have your own bicycles and rollerblades. It's good bonding time with the family.

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- Play with a ball - Water the plants - Visit a kids play area - Go on a children’s train ride - Go to a children’s museum - Play with dirt I’m a big fan of letting kids play in real dirt. We either head to the park where they love digging and playing with trucks on the surfaces.

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Well they can - - Hiking or Walking Outside. From just about birth, you can start getting your baby outside to hike or walk with you - Tummy time, Reading or Playing Outside - Picnics - Sensory Play - Water Play - Playgrounds - Bubbles

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- Garden hide and seek - Escape the water jet - Prick the soap bubbles - Mud hand impressions - Hula hoop challenge - Treasure hunt

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Playing with sand, playground and bubbles definitely. Simple yet presents many benefits for their development! :)

Scooter, balance bike, kick ball, swimming, picnic, sand play at beach, kite flying, chalk painting, and etc.

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