Any activity suggestions to bring out baby just turned 1 year old?

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How mobile is ur baby? Playgrounds, parks, seasides and open spaces are great for exploration. If ure daring can let ur baby walk around barefoot but please do a sweep of the area first just in case of sharps or poops. Even better let him or her touch twigs leaves pebbles etc for texture play and discovery. Water play is fun e.g. Tampines hub, Punggol swimming pool. Just run through with ur peads if chlorine water is okay for one year old yet. Indoor playground are more expensive so might not be worth the spend at this age unless baby balance and core is good and walking steadily. Quiet places like libraries and museums are okay too. Aquarium/zoos etc. Essentially alot of discovery and making sense of the world. Its great if adults are constantly talking to baby and describing things around. Builds up vocabulary and interactions. Better yet if there are hands on experiences too! Enjoy!

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Botanic Gardens - Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden! Let the little one enjoy the nature, picking leaves, treehouse playground, sand! Or just a picnic there with swans and otters too! :) Have fun!

you can search on pinterest! they have really great activities for kids and easy to prepare too :) (sensory play is really good for kids that just turned 1 year old)

Library, water parks