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What is the latest age for kids to start talking? My dotter is 2 years old. Her motor skills and balancing skills are great, and to me, Amazing! She is very observant, follows instructions and pretty cautious of her surroundings. But she still have not spoken one proper word. Not even mom or dad. Should i be worried? Because I am. Also because our families kept asking if she had started talking. My kid just makes sounds. She can do matching printables like matching colours and shapes, matching continents of the world, arrange numbers. And we always keep talking to her, keep talking in full sentences. Is it really different kid develops differently?

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My friend's 2nd child (a girl) started talking only at the age of 4 while her 1st daughter started much earlier. My girl started her first word around 14mo. There's no latest age for kids to start talking as long as they are developing fine in all areas. When you bring her for the routine checkups, the doctor will advise you if the need for further checks like speech development arises. Don't worry too much for the time being and enjoy the peace before the constant chatter starts 😉

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Some kids start late but may turn out to be more talkative than those who start early. Was told by polyclinic healthcare that I do not have to worry yet but I asked for a referral just in case & almost sent mine to a specialist but he started yakking since 3yo. Now I sometimes wish for quiet😅

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My boy talked after his 3rd birthday I too worried like u but I just patiently waited as he is very active in other things except talking but now I am not worrying as he developed well his speaking skills in mother language n English too

me too my son is 2 year old and he couldnt speak in sentence neither do he call papa mama. But he can read A-z and 0-10 . I m so freaking worry :(

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How bout his motor skills? My kid 2yrs 2mths now is just saying bah! bah! And some foreign sounds. Still no proper word. I am now less worried as she is amazing with other skills like puzzles and matching stuff. We'll see how she is when shes 2yrs and 6 mths.

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Each child diff but do let the doctor know when u go for the free developmental milestones check at polyclinic.

Don't worry, every child is different. My younger child didn't speak till 3+. She is so talkative now.

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close to 3yo but super talkative now. yep, every child develops differently.

Every child is diff :)