Toddler not talking

Hi mummies, would like to have some advice. My toddler is 32 months and she is not talking yet but she understand what we say. What should I do? Should I be worried?

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bring to PD for checkup. usually they have routine milestone checkup, not sure if Dr mentioned anything or if u raised any concern. but do approach them if u are worried about LO

hi i also have a cousin her LO also dont speak a word she went to check her baby and is now having a therapy... better check with a specialist

my bb gal is coming 2yrs, same situation not talking yet, becos of this i didnt send my gal to preschool, did u send yr LO to preschool?

Super Mum

Does she say single words at all?

1y ago

No single words that she say. No even Mummy or Mom.

Did you bring her to see doctor?

1y ago

Not yet. I'm not sure to bring her to see doctor or not.