What is the one thing that worries you the most about your child?
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Unwilling to eat
Common Cold
Others (share in comments!)

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She's only 9 months old yet seems to understand appropriate moments to express anger and she really expresses It! It worries me badly that she will take this on as she she's and get raging on me or others, but worse, I worry if she takes it into school! 😼 she can really express her upset with clenching her fists, hitting, she will grab my face and dig in her nail buds and squeeze all while screaming and wincing and clenching her gums together. I don't know, but I think maybe that's not normal and don't know how to address it or even how to ask a pediatrician to have a serious evaluation of this anger she harbors and expresses so quickly.

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I worry most about the mix between his speech delay, desire to express himself and above-average EQ/empathy :/ Mix them all together and I have a toddler who's struggling to express himself, but yet feels so much for everyone else.

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Right now he's too clingy. But I know that I will miss that once he grows older. So I'm trying to savor every moment. Also I wish he'd interact more with other kids.

Bila dia start selesema dan batuk..sebab dia akan end up ngan nafas yg berdehit..and paling teruk kena masuk ward sebab ada sikit jangkitan kat paru2...

Worrying to my baby boy cause he’s already 1 year and 10 months but he cannot speak well but he’s trying to Speak mama and papa..

Worry about the below: - unwilling to try or explore new things.... - sick - everything !! Lol

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Peer pressure and negative external influences worry me. Thankfully she is a good eater.

What if she doesn't share with me anything that's happening outside the house.

unwilling to eat it means he's not feeling well it really worries me a lot

very choose food to eat...to difficult to give him eat especially rice...