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Hi.. My pregnancy is confirmed. I am 6 weeks 6 days now... This is my second pregnancy.. But I don't have any morning sickness or vomiting as I had during my first... Will I have it? If so when?
This varies from person to person so it's a good thing you don't have any morning sickness! Don't worry too much about it.
Hi... I Have Got A Positive Result For My Test..
There are No Symptoms Like Vomiting Or Anything Else... Except For Sleeping And Throat Burn.. Is This Normal? This Is My Second Pregnancy.
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Not everyone has pregnancy symptoms :) i didnt experience any
I Don't Know If I Am Pregnant or Not.
Today is my 34th day and I haven't got my periods. I don't know if I am pregnant or not.. I don't have any symptoms until now.. The only thing is I sleep.. Sometimes I feel wet but no bleeding. W
Thank you.. Will check and upload... Pls Pray for me. :)
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U can test now
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Hi... I would suggest that you take a pregnancy kit test. Upon confirmation, please see a gynecologist
When Can I Test?
Today Is My 32nd Day After Last Period.. Last Month I Got My Periods On 31st Day And The Month Before That On 29th Day. Is There Any Possibility Of Me Being Pregnant Now? When Can I Test?
Yes. It is better to wait a week . Or u can take blood test now.