What to do if my 13month Lo like to beat people? What can I do? Sometime when we beat him for doing the wrong thing, he will beat himself. If he beat pl, we will tel him no but he still do that

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Super Mum

Babies this age don't understand the meaning of your actions yet, so if you beat him he would not know that it's meant to be a punishment. He simply copies it and everything else you do. Baby can understand your tone of voice and emotion better, so firmly say "no" (but not shouting) if you want him to stop doing something

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Kids copies their parents. If you beat him up for doing something wrong at this age he wont really understand, he will think that if things dont go on to his way or that he thinks other people did wromg he might beat them up too. Its cycle.

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I do not think 13 months should receive any beating. Not even when they are 13 years old. Talk to them with a firm voice. Children will understand words better when you speak to them. Please do not beat.

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Maybe u shld beat like his fav toy. Just not your child. I personally feel 13 months is too young for beating. Or maybe raise your voice and be firm to make him scared. Not sure if it works but can try🙃

Talk and explain in firm voice. Speak simple English. He or she do wrong things point and say no. Cannot do. This have to keep repeating. They will understand. Beating won't helps.

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I think instead of beating him when he does the wrong thing, stop him from doing it and then explain slowly and logically why he shouldn’t be doing that. Gotta be Super patient

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Use a firm tone and tell him it's wrong and stare hard at him until he flinch. He needs to know that it's wrong.

Where do you think he learns his beating frm?

Super Mum

Be patient. Don't beat