1st Baby Heart Beat

Around how many weeks we can hear baby heart beat? If I go for my scan on week 8 day 3, am I able to listen to my baby heart beat?

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heard mine at 6 weeks. doctor was surprised too as she told me if cannot hear dont worry at least got the flickering. but when my bb showed a "performance" to the dr. the doctor was surprised and said oh the heartbeat is strong :)

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Heard mine very clearly at Week 7. You should be able to hear the baby's heart beat by now

My baby was already sound on 6w3d, but it will slightly different for each and everyone..

yes by 8weeks confirm can hear heartbeat, unless sth wrong w ur gynae's skills 😅

Heard my baby heartbeat at 7 weeks day 5. It was loud and strong. Happy mommy :)

Depends. Im more plus size so i got to hear during my 3rd trimester only.😥

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Kannnn.. Cannot be cannot hear..

Yes u are able to hear the baby heartbeat from 8 weeks onwards

Mine was 6 weeks.. My OB shows me my baby's strong heartbeat.. 😍

yes mine was 7weeks day 3 when I first heard my baby's heartbeat

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I can’t remember but it was about 6-8 weeks!