What The Hack of the Day: Shoe Deodorizer It has been raining for the past couple of weeks and most of the time, our shoes get wet. We all know that bacteria builds-up so quickly in wet parts of almost anything. Shoes get stinky due to moist that might lead to athlete’s foot! In order to eliminate it, we must sun dry our shoes. But what if weather doesn’t permit you to do so? Worry not! Here’s an easy tip to get rid of smelly shoes: All you need is used or new bag of tea! It is a cheap and effective way to keep your feet healthy and your shoes away from foul odor. The tea basically absorbs the moist to prevent the bacteria from growing. After your tea time in a cold rainy weather, keep those teabags, let them dry and you can now use them. If you have extra ones, just put them inside your wet shoes. Try it!

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Cool! Will definitely give this a try! One question though, can you use tea bags that have already been used? Since we drink a lot of tea in the house, I was wondering if we can just dry out the used tea bags and use them as deodorizers after.

Sometimes when our shoes gets wet it smells bad , thankful with this hack it will help . I will look forward to the next tips .

Kudos to you stan , I never reliazed that a tea can help aside from drinking it . Thanks :)

This is so useful :) wow will try this at home . Thanks stan .

6y ago

I agree with you! Super useful and handy nung idea ni Stan!

Can you use any kind of tea? :) And will this stain your shoes?

6y ago

Hi Tina! Yes any kind of tea (or brand) will do :)

Oooooooohhhh I did not know about this. Amazing! Thank youuu

Wow thanks for sharing! Will definitely give this a try. :)

Such a good hack. This is new to me. Thanks for sharing :)