what brand of pamper is good for consideration in terms of pricing and quality. so far I find drypers OK. Any others?

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I am using KCA or Onwards. KCA is a sub brand of Onwards so the quality and material wise, they are the same. Just that Onwards on offer will be round off $27 for 2 packets. KCA are priced at $44 for 4 packets regardless of size at baby fairs. They can last overnight for over 8 hours and there is no leaks and not very wet after that. Say if you cannot finish the size before baby moved on to the next size, they can change them to another size so long as the packet is not opened.

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I'm using Drypers and Mamypoko for LO :) Pricing wise, you just need to know where and how to get the best out of your money - many people just like to go with big events like baby fairs and 11.11 sales, but most of the time the deals aren't worth it at all.

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I am using Huggies platinum and I must say it's really good! absorbs very well even for overnight.

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I like mamy poko as it's very durable and able to last thru the nights

Mam Poko! Quality is better then drypers. Price wise about the same.

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i am using drypers, onwards now. i find it reasonable. holds well

Agree with you on drypers. Mamy Poko is good too.

Thanks Reine. where can I get KCA?

6y ago

noted with thanks :)

Bosomi! Super cheap