What are the best primary schools in Yishun?

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How is North View primary school in Yishun?

Northland primary, Jieman primary and Yishun primary are pretty good primary schools too.

According to this unofficial list, Chongfu Primary is the best school in Yishun because of the number of MOE awards that it has received. In the whole of Singapore, according to the same list, Chongfu Primary is number 4. http://unofficial-sg-primary-school-guide.blogspot.se/2009/07/top-20-primary-schools-in-singapore.html?m=1

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I feel Northland primary school is the best primary school in Yishun. My kid goes there. We haven't had any issues yet.

Yes, Chongfu school is a good primary school in Yishun

I've heard good things about Xishan primary school in Yishun

Chongfu school or Xishan primary school, is my opinion. But of course, you should always speak to other parents and get their input and then make the best decision for your child.

North view, Northland are really good in my opinion.

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Northland primary school in Yishun is great! My nieces and nephews are from this school.

Is Naval Base primary school a good school in Yishun?