Rashes on the face

What is the best cream to apply on milk rashes

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my son had those before, the nurse just advice me to clean his skin with moist warm towel after every feed, change his clothes if there's milk spill. mainly just make sure we didn't let the milk sit and dry on their skin. i done only that, nothing else. in just few days it clears up and never occurred again as long as I keep his skin milk-free

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3y ago

welcome. wish it worked for your baby too 😉

Cocounut virgin oil. It works like miracle :p plus no hazardous chemical and have not to worry if my baby accidentally touch his face and suck his own fingers.

3y ago

Sy jual minyak kelapa dara .. baby sy ada ruam pnas & susu bila sy sapu dh sembuh

Im using baby cream brand joielle . Ni muka dia time penuh ruam . Sehari sapu terus kering and dua tiga hari makin kurang . Sekarang dah licin .

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2y ago

Salam joielle yg biru atau vco yg wrna brown tu?

I use starch like powder..it very useful..the milk rashes or itches gone after a day

Used cetaphil baby for face and ezerra around neck

Virgin oil. I use it to my baby and it works

3y ago

My husband so cuteee 💗

I used cetaphil baby

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Tapioca starch. 🤭😁