What's the best cough remedy for a 2month old baby?? :)

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It's usually not advisable to give infants synthetic medicine. As much as possible, if we can give them home remedies, the better. With my 2 kids, I put vicks on both feet and put on socks overnight. It's proven to be effective to a lot of babies even grown ups. If you are breastfeeding, continue to latch and do skin to skin with your baby. If it persists, better consult your pedia.

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4y ago

Wd ur experience ilang days B4 xa mawala?

Mommy, I think it's better to bring your baby to the doctor for the correct prescription of meds but as far as I know, I agree with Kirsten's comment, it's not advisable for 2month old babies to take any meds. Natural home remedies will do. And yes, the vicks & socks remedy is proven effective. 😊

7y ago

So sad ! My baby was diagnosed for almost a week in the hospital when he was just 3 weeks because of cough! 😷😭 And another check up and medicines was given to him when he is 2 months !!