What do atheist parents tell their children when they ask if theres a god?

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I asked my future in law about this because she is an atheist and I am not. She said that just be as objective as you can. Just like how an atheist parent would not appreciate someone religious forcing his views on the child, the same can be said about the reverse. Be respectful and as factual as you can. Simply tell the child that the world has different people and they have different beliefs. Some people believe in an omniscient beingo who created the world while some people believe that the world is created as a result of the big bang. Offer all possible options, state the facts. It is a fact that some people believe in god and some don't. As your kids grow older, they will be exposed to more things and they can make their own decisions about god and religion. Don't be too heavy handed or defensive over such topics because it will just skew you child's view towards the issue.

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