What are the ways you can deal with morning sickness? I have heard that ginger tea helps. Is it true?

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Ginger works! You can have ginger tea. Other than ginger, eating foods with sour taste generally make you feel better too. The following foods help to deal with morning sickness. - lemon in water - sour plum - orange - peppermint - cracker/ nuts/ healthy but snacks (hunger can make you feel nausea too so it helps by eating healthy snacks)

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I found that drinking hot tea helped with my morning sickness. You may try this Traditional Medicinals Organic Pregnancy Tea. It's available on iHerb. Sour food and Vitamin B6 help as well. http://pregnant.sg/articles/how-to-cope-with-morning-sickness/

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Ginger works for many! You can take it as tea, using raw ginger in your cooking, or eating candied ginger. You can also try aromatherapy, using essential oil of ginger or lemon, and let the scent permeate the room to help soothe your discomfort.

Yeah apparently ginger herbal tea is a tried and tested way to cure morning sickness. Peppermint does as well! This article has plenty other tried and tested suggestions : http://sg.theasianparent.com/10-tips-to-cure-morning-sickness/

Yes, ginger tea works well for me too. For me, I also try eat small meals throughout the day instead of taking full meal at one go. I tried to avoid food that trigger my nausea such as fish.

Try getting some ginger candy. I bought this in London a few months ago and I think they have something similar in Marks and Spencer in Singapore.

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chewing calcium gummy helps a lot