What are the key points to look at when comes to choosing a PD?

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Here are the few pointers my friends came up with: - The PD’s interaction with your child and your child’s reaction to him/her (if the doctor is unable to put their children at ease, they will not go back to the same doctor) - How thorough is the doctor’s examination - Were the rest of the staff friendly and helpful - My friends sometimes call up the clinic for general enquiry and it helps if the staff could address their concerns) The list actually goes on (such as consider the office hours, whether the doctor can be contactable if there is an emergency outside office hours etc) but they felt those four points were the more crucial ones. Hope this helps!

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I chose my kids' PDs that are relatively near to my house. I will normally visit to a my first choice of PD and I have another PD to stand by in case the 1st choice PD is on holidays or clinic is closed. I will not continue to visit a PD if he/she: 1. Ignore my questions and not willing to take effort to explain. 2. Will prescribe antibiotics for my kid for almost all illness, even slight flu. 3. Being rude to my kid, e.g. cause injury during jab injection. 4. Not detailed in examination process, e.g. prescribe medicine soley based on my descriptions

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Few factors. 1. Proximity to Home. 2. Cleanliness of Clinic. 3. Warmth of PD 4. Clinic Assistants. If you can find one that matches all 4, stick with it. :) I use 2 diff PDs for different scenarios but prefer Kinder Clinic Parkway for more serious ailments.

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Patience to listen to mommy's concerns, knows how to interact with your child and good feedback from other mommies!