What are some fruits to avoid during pregnancy first trimester?

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Sabi ng ob wala naman dapat iavoid. Just in moderation like watery fruits if your in first tri. But better to avoid coffee just to be sure 😊

Better ask your OB...maraming namamatay sa maling akala...why are you saying simething na hindi nman scientifically proven?

before i know i was pregnant my 2nd and 3rd baby, i eat pineapple..lucky, nothing happened..maybe not to eat too much..

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Bkit po bawal ang pineapple?? Nung naglilihe po ako.. Yan ang hinahanap hanap ko... 12weeks here po.

pineapple strongly and the rest if you have no problem then okay but just eat moderate in everything

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Pineapples. did not avoid the rest of the fruits. just make sure its ripe and always eat in moderation

In my case.. Medyo madami ako dapat iwasan dahil diabetic tlg ko ever since i got pregnant.

i ate all fruits in moderation. even pineapple and took coconut drink too..