What are some fruits to avoid during pregnancy first trimester?

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Pine apple, Unripe Papaya and Grapes

12mo ago

Scientifically proven?


Grapes green papaya & pineapple

Durian , pineapple, all sour fruits

12mo ago

I love Durian and I cravings a lot for that. But try not to get too much durian while you’re still breastfeeding a baby. Because of the smell..you can have it but not too much. ☺️🌷

Grapes unriped papaya other than that pine apple

1y ago

Some grapes ksi na sprayan ng chemicals. The chemicals can stay sa skin ng grapes.

Why pineapples? I ate dome pine apple on both my pregnancies.

Unripe Papaya

Pine apple

pineapple,grapes and papaya