Moving child from cot to crib

At what age can I move my child from a crib to a bed?

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I don't think there's any specific age that you "can" but more towards when you "should"! Some children don't like cribs/baby cots/playpen in the first place - like my son. We started co-sleeping since birth on my sofa bed, then we switched to spring mattresses on the floor and subsequently upgraded to foam ones when he started jumping around a lot. The age you should move is when your child can no longer fit comfortably and/or safely in the crib! Either because your child learned how to climb out, or simply outgrew the length of it.

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We use mattress for my 2 year old. We cover his room with mattresses and the ABC mat below. It's safer so he doesn't have e risk of falling off the bed!!

Actually some parents start straight with bed. ... while some prefer to wait till 3yrs old. It is really up to u

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Typically around 18 months. We did it around then

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It depends on your preference.