Vaccine for chicken pox

What age can baby go for chicken pox vaccine?

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At 13months as child will receive MMR at 12months as well as PCV. As MMR is a live vaccine, it has to be one month apart for chicken pox. If not chicken pox vaccination can be done at 15months with second dose of MMR together

At 1 year. You can do a combination of chickenpox and MMR which is called MMRV. Just be a little cautious as fever sets in a week later since it is a live vaccine and takes time to take effect

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After 1 year old or so, you can ask the nurse/doctor to schedule an appointment when your child goes for any jabs/development checkups around 9-10mo :)

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After one year old, please schedule it with your PD.

One year old. Mine had 3 years old.

After 1 year old (:

1 year old is fine

Around 1 year

About a year

1 year old