Worried and anxious

Went to a&e at my 4th week for brown discharge , as it was still early they couldnt see anything through the scan had a darker brown discharge at 5th week, went to a&e and was told that there was nothing to worry about as long as there is no pain or blood dr. prescribed dydrogesterone and was told to not overwork a d monitor for pain and bleeding im at my 6th-7th week now but i STILL see brown discharge almost everyday! i’m not in pain and there is no bleeding , been feeling nauseous almost 24/7. it’s driving me crazy and i feel so worried. i’ve been reading and some mommies are saying that brown discharge is NOT normal but, Dr. says it is okay? help what should i do. any mommies have had experience with regular light brown discharge?

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Super Mum

hey mummy, I also experience discharge during the early part of pregnancy. Don't think too much and follow what the Dr says about the medication and take it diligently. Everything will be fine!