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Hi Mommies, I am currently in my 9th Week Mark, and have been experiencing some brown discharge. It was light brown at first but the latest one was sticky brown mucus type discharge. Please share your thoughts. Is it normal? Or is it smth to be worried about?

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I would say consult ur doctor and if they give u the clear, take it. I’m currently 16 weeks (coming 17 weeks) pregnant and i was bleeding up till 15 weeks. The blood really ran down my legs. Docs keep checking on the baby and keep saying it’s okay. If u are unsure, take a picture of the amount of blood n show them. I was bleeding since my 2nd month n it took them till 15 weeks to give me medication because they didn’t know how much blood there was. Even so, my baby is fine. Apparently it could be a sign that ur baby have a low placenta (easier to miscarry) but that can only be diagnosed on the 5th months. My baby’s placenta seems okay now and the meds stopped the bleeding (+ i’m trying not to stress). Don’t worry, tell urself u will be fine. I was fine so just think positive 💪🏻

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Hello, sounds like what I experienced too. My gynae arranged a last min appointment for me the next day after I checked in with her. Found some blood clots (hematoma) near my womb — thankfully it is away from the placenta so doesn’t affect baby’s growth! Clots would typically go away by itself, but she gave me some meds too. Advised me to rest as much as I can. Hope you get to check in with your gynae and have a peace of mind too 😊 Take care!

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Best to consult gynae to do detailed check. I had this issue during my 1st trimester and it turns out to be candida infection.

Please consult your gynaecologist asap. Meanwhile, rest and minimum stand/walk. Also, avoid carry heavy stuff. Take care.

No coloured discharge is good during pregnancy. See the doc immediately.

Go to your gynae asap. If not, you can go to the O&G A&E unit in KKH.

Consult ur gynae It’s normal but safer to consult pls


best to visit a gynaecologist to ease your mind.

It is better to contact your gynae.