Week 36 +3 , very scare about labouring as it’s my first time. What should I do if I feel the “Menses cramp” or water bag burst? Call my hub? Go shower and rush to hospital? And how will the pain last?

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When your waterbag burst, you may feel a sudden gush of warm water coming out below or maybe just some trickling. But that does not mean you will immediately go to labour. Do contact the hospital and explain to them. They'll tell you what to do. Bloody show or bloody mucus. This also does not mean you'll go to labour straight. Braxton Hicks. It's like contractions but it's not the real one. The pain comes & go and may be gone when you move or change position. The real contractions comes and go at 5-10 mins interval. The pain is from your back to the front, like you're really having a super bad stomachache pain and no matter how you move or change position, the pain is still there. This one, you will need to go to the hospital straight as you might have already dilated to a few centimetres.

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