My toddler doesn’t want to speak

At school she seldom imitates what the teacher wants her to speak. She seldom speak to her peers and teacher. She has a shy personality but at home she speaks randomly. She won’t call me mama she will always do the baby talk and when she wants milk she will cry. Is it something I need to be concern off?#pleasehelp #bantusharing

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My girl is sinilar and she is autistic. Whatever condition our kids may have, we as parents MUST brace ourselves ok ❤️. i was pretty devastated bcz at that time my girl was 2 and i was 7 mths pregnant. pretty heavy for me. i mean we do see something was off when shes 1 year plus, even though we try to say that she is shy all that but when the dr confirms it, i broke down. we always thought maybe it's speech delay but it's tied with autism. we sent her for early intervention and from non verbal, she is now starting to say/try to say aloootof words, at age 4. so mummy, dont worry. early intervention is the best you can give your girl now. it is ok to jz try now. maybe she is jz alil delayed in speech. who knows. every kid have their own developmental milestones. so its ok. we as parents jz need to acknowledge and try to help our kids. hugs 🥰

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2mo ago

hi Ivana. May i know, was your boy humming and had speech delay?

It do seem a little off if she doesn’t call you mama. Maybe can consult a pediatrician and see what they say? Intervention works best when started early.