Pregnancy with cervical polyp

Wanted to share my pregnancy journey thus far with a cervical polyp (in case you are looking for someone in the same situation). I was first diagnosed after having very dark brown discharge (coffee colour) up to 1 day after intercourse, and in quite large amounts. Went to o&g to get it checked and found a polyp. It’s a benign growth that can bleed when irritated. I was hoping it’d go away on its own but nope still there.. Was told to stop intercourse entirely but we’re newly married, and i felt so bad for my poor husband. I’ve had light spotting on 3 occasions over my past 20 weeks of pregnancy - through external stimulation and non-penetrative intimacy! Even having non-penetrative orgasms can cause a polyp to bleed. Concluded that there’ll be no more sexy time for me until i deliver :( The spotting will last for a day from bright red to brown, and stop the next day. When it bleeds, I know it’s the polyp bleeding but i can’t help but worry every time i wipe and there’s blood. All 3 occasions i went to o&g in panic, but thankfully cervix is closed and baby is ok. The impact this tiny polyp has on a couple’s intimacy and marriage is not something that’s discussed much or easy to find online.. especially in sg. So i just wanted to share my situation.. it’s not easy but thankfully we have found ways to cope as a couple. If you’re in a similar situation/ need to rant, feel free to reply to this post :) take care mummies!!

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Im having the same experience! I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and had bleeding on multiple occasions. On one occasion it was loads of fresh red blood and I panicked, so we rushed to the A&E and called my gynae down. when I strain myself during constipation, I will also have bleeding but I know it's the polyp now so trying not to worry so much. my gynae said that she will remove it only just before I deliver

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3mo ago

OP here. my polyp was gone when i delivered 😄

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You're not alone. I had the same experience. I had a shock to see red flesh blood when I wiped myself. Rushed to see my gynae and found a polyp. I was advised to get it removed. I had it removed last month. I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant. The bleeding stopped after the removal of polyp.

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1y ago

thank you for sharing mummy! my gynae advised against removing the polyp until after delivery so i’ll still have to wait 😅