Polyp at 12 weeks

Dear mummies… I have a polyp at my cervix and it bleeds whenever I vomit too much or when I force too hard due to constipation. I was on bedrest for sometime as I was bleeding quite a lot in the earlier weeks. However, my gynae mentioned that I should be able to stop bedrest once I am in second trimester. Just want to check if any mummies continue to work even though you experience spotting due to polyp. My work involves quite a bit of walking so I am kind of worried. Thank you in advance.

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My gynae removed my cervical polyps when I was 17 weeks pregnant as it was causing me quite a few bleeding scares and I had to be on constant bed rest. Possible for your gynae to remove it for you later in your second trimester?

2mo ago

Thanks for sharing. My gynae was advising me to wait till I deliver.

yes i had polyp and spotting too. i continued to work..

2mo ago

Thank you for sharing. I am starting work soon. Hope all will be well 🙏