Eczema/Neck rash question.

Hello, want to ask po sana if your little ones experienced or experiencing the same neck rash po? I’ve gone to pedia and niresetahan po kami ng cream, body wash and lotion that’s good for atopic dermatitis pero hindi parin po nawawala. Tried cetaphil AD/ cetaphil regular/ mustela/ dove sensitive pero natutuyo lang minsan pero bumabalik po and di sya tuluyang gumagaling . Baka lang po may additional tips po kayo to lessen or to avoid it po.

Eczema/Neck rash question.
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Atopic dermatitis comes and goes. May time na 'in flare' sya, may time na okay naman. I have it and I understand na minsan nakaka frustrate sya. I suggest going back to the pedia for follow-up para ma adjust yung meds (steroid creams/ointment). Aveeno and physiogel also has good emollient lotions. You might want to ask your pedia about it if it is okay for your baby. Use mild detergents and if possible, stay away muna sa fabric conditioners.

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Thanks a lot for the input! We tried aveeno for 2 months but it’s still the same. Guess i have to accept that it comes and goes talaga. It gets better naman sometimes but never to a point na completely healed talaga. Yes, it’s so frustrating specially when my baby can’t settle due to scratching. We are using unscented stuff at the moment as his pedia’s advice din. Thanks again!

try in a rash safe and effective sa sensitive skin all naturals and petroleum free .. #mybabyboss #rashesfree

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