Wad is the best way to get rid of mucus in the nose (besides sucking out from our mouths!) and phlegm in throat? Baby has difficulty breathing at night. His flu has been for 1 month already.. Seen a pd previously. He gave us Zyrtec but like no use?

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Spray with sterimar and use pigeon nasal aspirator to suck it out. This is the best way to remove mucus fast and also because when they start to heal mucus becomes very thick so it is hard for the mucus to come out. You have to suck it out. Flu for one month sounds too long. When my gal has flu she is given runny nose medicine and iladin for first five days. Usually within a week the mucus will become better coz I make it a point to use sterimar and suck the mucus a few times a day

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5y ago

Ok. Thanks! We will bring him to see doc these few days.😉

If u dun mind tcm maybe can try this http://www.angtcm.com Ytd just brough my 6mths twins to the mentioned TCM for cough & flu (which was spread by their aunty! 😣) Their medicines are mild and slow which suitable for newborn onwards, not too harsh. Can also "tiao" baby health too.

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5y ago

Ok thanks! Will check it out!

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i will use a snot sucker. Use a nasal spray. spray into the nostril, let it sit for a few sec then suck it out. do it twice a day. or when required. it will help with the phlegm top

5y ago

Wow! Ok. Nebuliser gotta go PD there to request rite? Baby is 7months plus. Scared he doesnt wanna cooperate if give nebuliser

Can try Sterimar saltwater nasal spray.. able to purchase at any Guardian, Watsons or Unity store. Suitable from newborn onwards :)