Flu shot during pregnancy

What are your thoughts on getting a flu shot while pregnant? Have you gotten one?

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I took as per "compulsory" requested by gynae, however doesnt really help i feel, i cough so badly for the entire 3rd trimester until deliver. No medicine or solution aids in recovery. Tcm, western, mid-wife tales, all tried. Amazing thing is that once baby is out, my cough is gone too.

I took! totally ok. Read up on the brochure tt not taking it and having flu, and result in complications for preg. and it's an established vaccine tts been highly researched. feel safe taking. my bb is growing well and kicking!

Took that prior to overseas trip as gynae advise better to take when i was 5months pregnant. i also took another one, which i rmb my gynae say it's to prevent whooping cough

If it is for preventive measure in the form of vaccination, then nope for me. But if it is for medication due to severe flu virus, then maybe yes.

It's safe.. Gotten it.. But preferably (safer) after 1st trimester..