Flu shot for toddler

Hi mummies. Did you bring your toddler for flu shot. If yes at what age. Are there any side effects? My son is 13 mths and attending infant care. He gets the flu quite often and I'm thinking whether to get the flu shot for him. Thanks in advance for the reply.

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Hi mommy! Flu vaccines are highly recommended every year. Here in the Philippines, doctors suggest that we do a yearly vaccination somewhere in between February-June just before the rainy seasons. I bring my baby for a flu shot regularly as a prevention and yes, there will always minor and manageable side effects like fever and mild diarrhea. Ask your pedia about it.😊

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So far I did not bring my kids for flu shot but I have them vitamin C+zinc daily to protect them


you can choose to give vitamin C too instead of influenza

just get it at 20months.. no side effects no fever

Im thinking of it too . As my boy always get flu