Currently 36 weeks pregnant and my child just got hfmd from ifc. Will i be affected too?

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Yes possible. Best to practice highest of hygiene - keep sanitizing ur hand - get someone to look after ur child for u if possible like put at the grandparents place for 10 days - till no longer infectious

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you have to keep urself protected as you are reaching your end very very soon. i'm worried that you caught the virus and u happen to go into labour. please practice good hygiene

7y ago

Can you get someone to help?

There's a chance as preggy mummies have low immunity.. But nonetheless, do the necessary precautions.. Lo tends to stick to mummy when unwell.. Get gloves if needed..

You can't rule out the possibility. Better to be safe then sorry. Please take care.

Oh safe. Sanitize at all times. Drink lots of liquid as well