Will pregnant women deliver earlier if they have GD? Doc said baby's weight was measuring bigger than expected.

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They will need to see how big is your baby. They scared bb too big. Your first bb how big?

4y ago

first 3.4kg

you see closer to 36-37 weeks. your gynae will advise you. If yours first i natural, and they see ur 2nd bb weight. If getting too big, they will arrange for induce

Yes they will. First baby they will induce. If second bb, and ur first bb was csec, they won't induce they will arrange for csec date

4y ago

if nvr csect for first? they will schedule induce date for me?

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How big is big ? To doctor 3Kg is big. I not sure about GD ~ i give birth to a baby 4.5kg++ on week 37 ~

4y ago


How many weeks are you now?

4y ago

Take care of yourself :)

GD babies are usually bigger in sizes. Doctor would want you to deliver early IF you want to do natural. If baby too big, you may not be able to deliver natural. Gynae always aim at 37-38weeks for GD mummies to deliver

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4y ago

they will induce labor ?