I'm 29 weeks pregnant and just did my Glucose tolerance test. Turns out I got 8.7, which is higher than the average score (diabetic is 11). what scores did u guys get? Did it turn into GD?

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Not unhealthy food only. Regular food we eat daily contains sugar also

i got 9. I cut down my carbos, dairy stuffs. Bread also cannot. Small meals but more of it. It's probably the body is hard to digest the sugar level. Don't worry. See what your doc advise. My doc ask me to control my food intake and we will monitor from there again.

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8.7 is considered high but doesn't need insulin jab IF you can control it by managing your diet. You need to control your diet.

4y ago

I know but I don't even eat very unhealthy (carbs, sweets or fast food) to begin with. So at a lost on what more to cut

I'm 29 weeks, my glucose test results 7.7

Mine 6.3. 28w. Gdm on diet control

When i was 25 weeks, i did my Glucose Tolerance test. I got 8.0. In Malaysia, pregnant mummy should be below 7.8. So, Doctor gave me 2 weeks to control my sugar and carbs but my results turns out 7.8 - before sleep. So Doctor started gave me Metformin, twice per day, i took after breakfast and after dinner. So far everything is good until now. Baby kick normally. Hope for the best for all mummies.

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Mine is 5.06 😭

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I had GD but was cleared after i gave birth

Your diet need to revise. Me also got 8.00. And doctor said I need drink plain water alot and no sweet drink at all. Because my daily diet have sugar like eating rice, bread, mee, etc... So drink alot of plain water.

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Me too it turned out to be GD. What did your OB recommend you?? Did she ask you to go to a Diabetologist???

10mo ago

Diet and exercise was recommended for me. I also have GDM right now. I have my endocrinologist check my sugar levels