Is taking bird nest during pregnancy necessary? Is it scientifically proven that it helps mum and the newborn.

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No proven. But I still consume from week 28 onwards. Once a week.

Second or 3rd trimester can eat alternate wk. my tcm physician advise me to eat. But I don't think it is proven by western med. I had alternate chicken essence and bird nest - a good balance. Can add both yin n yang

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It is not scientifically proven. And there are people who said if you eat it too early in pregnancy your baby may get eczema or phlegm . Many different sayings. I ate only during the last trimester. Well I don't really think it made any difference. A balanced diet is more important t

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Not proven. I would say it is more of a Chinese belief. N actually not too good if consume in excess

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If you wanna look at it from science perspective, nothing from TCM is ever truly proven scientifically! It's more of a belief over traditional medicine, or in this case, the belief that bird's nest will help one way or another - it's up to you whether you'd want to take it a not, and same goes for anything else recommended at any point of time. What I would say is I don't really see much benefit over eating/drinking a bird's saliva but ... It's all up to personal preference!

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