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Body Ache At 15 Weeks
Anyone experiencing? I feel so tired all over after a day at work. Thinking if prenatal massage will help.
It will help.. 15 weeks is only like the beginning of the pregnancy.. You will feel even more tired afterwards. 😅Maybe you try to sleep early?
Yes Drinking materna milk helps because it gives u the energy so u won’t feel so tired Massage def helps But u need rest more
Pao Sheng / Ginseng
Can we drink bird nest with paosheng or ginseng element inside? Am in my 2nd trim
Yes you can drink but don't drink too much birdnest. Too much will cause baby to have phlegm.
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Yes you can. I drink it too. But not too much..
Maternity Tour
Hi Mummies Did yall go for any maternity tour? Thinking if I should go as my gynae can have the option to deliver at 2 hospitals
Yup I went.
Yes, it’s good to go to see the room types and facilities provided.
It’s best to go so you’ll have more choices as to where you would like to have your delivery
Go for it!
I think shd go to see the hosp and most impt labour room. U don't want to go in during labour not knowing how it looks like. The labour process already is filled with many unknowns