Baby crying badly at night (help!!)

Hi. My 5.5 months baby used to sleep through the night but recently, he will cry several times in the middle of the night. My husband and I were tired 😱 Is it due to teething? Any solutions or why is he crying so badly at night? Hope you can share your experiences 🥹 Thank you! #1stimemom #pleasehelp

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Sleep regression could break the cycle of STTN. Part and parcel of the first year. Just have to do the usual checks like feeding, oiling tummy, diapers, burping & etc. if it’s teething issue, offer more teether that has liquid inside to put in the fridge to ease sore gums. It’s definitely tiring. My first kid didn’t STTN till he’s off latched at 1 1/2 years old! Now can only look back and it will all turn into a beautiful memory in no time. And remember, sleep regressions & growth leaps are just signs that your child is growing well & brain is growing through a big growth! It’s also a very difficult and uncomfortable process for the little one. Hang on! And go through it together. Just remember, days are long but years are short :) Jia you mommy!

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maybe he want milk? maybe change a diaper? for me sometimes my baby will cry for no reason so i just rub baby oilment to his tummy, maybe there's some air inside. after awhile he is back to normal.

Can be growth spurt. Hungry, need more assurance. Don't worry it will pass

have you tried offering him a pacifier?

8mo ago

Yes I did ☺️