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My Two months old baby doesn’t like tummy time. He will cry when I make him do that. I am not rushing into it.. I try doing it few mins a day but he continued to cry awhile after I put him on tummy time. Even for trying to make him fall asleep in cot, I flip him on his tummy but he cried even harder when I do that. What can I do?

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Super Mum

A lot of babies don’t like it. Start off by placing him against your chest with you lying down, so he can see your face. If doing it on the playmat/firm mattress, lie down beside him and put your face in front of his face, talking to him. This gives him an incentive to try to look up to see you. You can start off with just a couple of seconds for tummy time, then gradually extend the duration. Please don’t do tummy time when puttinf him to bed:) It’ll get him worked up, making it harder for him to sleep. Plus, lying on the tummy to sleep’s not safe anyway. It’ll get better soon hopefully!:)

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