Disagreements with toddler!

We are trying to raise an assertive child. However, that means that the toddlers an opinion about everything he uses, inclusing nappies! For instance, we get 2 different designs in the diaper pack. He would readily wear the one with elephants on it, but throws a big fit when he has to wear the fox one! Same thing when it comes to clothes, socks (he chooses 2 different ones). I don't want to scold him, as it is quite trivial. He is a really well-behaved child otherwise. How to best deal with this is a question. Appreciate your inputs!

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For things like the designs on diapers, I think you could just explain why there's different designs and that they all serve the same purpose! They are a lot smarter and intuitive than we think, so you could try explaining that they are all diapers and serve the same purpose - you may not like the design on it but sometimes, in life, we aren't given the privilege/option to choose. Let him choose something else like the design of the pants that he wears with the fox diapers, making it a "unique/special" one instead of the regular elephant :) Alternatively, just get diapers without special designs! As for clothes, I don't think there's an issue because nobody ever says that clothes/socks have to match! If he's happy wearing striped on one leg and red on another - so be it :) I see it as a way of being creative than sticking to the norm, small things like that which may make the difference between raising a child that sticks to what society does, and one that does what he loves :)

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