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Hi mummies, my baby is currently 4.5 months and has been drinking significantly lesser ever since his 4 months vaccination appointment 2 weeks ago. He used to drink between 180-200ml per feed (5 feeds a day), but is currently only drinking about 120-160ml of breastmilk per feed. We were reading up and his signs seem like it was feeding aversion as he would cry when he sees the bottle and when placed in a feeding position. But this has not happened in the past 1-1.5 weeks, and he would just push the bottle away signifying that he is done with his feed, and we would also not force him to continue. However, since his total daily volume is quite low, we’re still quite concern about this. Are there any mummies out there who’s experiencing the same thing with their baby as well? Thank you. #advicemommies #firsttimemom

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Yes my baby same like yours but she started earlier. From first jab onwards haha Mine is worse lor cos she dont want drink milk when awake, i have to forever dream feed her even in the day. Since baby is 4.5 mths old min intake is 600ml is ok de - i asked my PD abt this already

3mo ago

But i cant even offer her. She see the milk bottle she either cry or angry. It’s so hard noting she is 6m now😩😩

600-800 ml per day is within the normal range. Baby is listening to his body, good that you don't force feed.

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3mo ago

But she Can go on like 6 hours, is it alright? If i don’t dream feed , her milk intake only 300ish per day🤦🏻‍♀️ luckily she start solid already but if drink lesser then her poo poo will become dry and hard 😩