thrombosed hemorrhoids

Trigger warning! Currently i'm on my 36th wk and got this very very painful hemorrhoid that has grown to as big as almost as my pinky finger. This has been here for about 3 days. I already purchased faktu cream and suppository and have tried sitz bath though once only (today). I'm so worried that since my hemo has gone big and swelling, that i need to undergo surgery which is not very timely due to the threat in the medical facilities plus i'm nearing my delivery date. I'm in so much pain and anxiety. Can anyone pls tell me if they've had this and will this just go away on its own?

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More water po and foods na rich in fiber. Avoid strainining din sa pagdumi. Yan po advise saken ng OB ko before nung nagka hemorrhoid ako. Im also using that ointment and suppository before.