How does co-sleeping with baby work?

Will be traveling soon so not sure if easier if cosleep but we’re never tried before. Never knew how it works cos wouldn’t baby want you to carry instead if baby sees the parents beside her?😅 can’t really imagine baby magically sleeping beside us… usually she sleeps in her cot

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Co-sleeping can be a great solution, especially while traveling, as it allows you to keep your little one close and can make nighttime feedings or soothing much easier. Here's how it generally works and some tips to help you transition smoothly: 1. **Safety First**: Ensure the sleeping environment is safe. Use a firm mattress and remove any pillows, blankets, or soft toys that could pose a suffocation risk. You might consider using a co-sleeping bassinet or a sidecar crib that attaches to your bed for added safety. 2. **Gradual Transition**: If your baby is used to sleeping in her cot, try transitioning gradually. Maybe start with nap times where she sleeps next to you. This can help her get used to the new arrangement slowly. 3. **Comfortable Positioning**: When co-sleeping, lie on your side facing your baby with your knees bent to prevent rolling. This position called the "cuddle curl" is often recommended because it naturally prevents adults from rolling over and keeps the baby within a safe space. 4. **Keep Routine Consistent**: Try to keep bedtime routines consistent even when traveling. Familiar actions like reading a book or singing a lullaby can help signal to your baby that it's time to sleep, regardless of the change in sleeping arrangements. 5. **Breastfeeding**: Co-sleeping can make breastfeeding much more convenient. If you’re breastfeeding, you might find that your baby latches on more easily during the night. If you need help with breast milk production, you might want to consider a breast milk enhancer, which you can find [here]( 6. **Stay Close but Comfortable**: Since you are concerned about your baby wanting to be carried if she sees you, try to maintain some physical contact initially, like placing a hand on her chest or back to reassure her without picking her up. Over time, she may get used to just being near you. Traveling with a baby can be challenging, but co-sleeping can offer both convenience and comfort. Just ensure you’re following safety guidelines, and you might find that it’s a smoother experience than you expect. Enjoy your travels!

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We co sleep and it’s so nice. I get to smell the baby scent whenever I want 🤣


just sleeping next to each other which was the easiest choice for my family

U can request for a cot!