intrautrine pregnancy

on my transvaginal result it says there that there is a good cardiac & somatic activity, developing placenta, implanted anteriorly, with edge totally covering the os, both ovaries are normal, No fluid in the cul de sac, No adnexal mass seen. Upon showing it to my Oby, she said theres nothing to do about the os. I just have to wait and pray for many when i get to my 5 months time , edge wont be totally covered and I could have a normal delivery. But im wondering , and hoping someone here that could give me an advice to make changes on my cervix being covered, Im totally scared to deliver my baby tru CS , I dont want that please helppppp

intrautrine pregnancy
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Hi baka makahelp 😊 legit source naman namen yong Merck Manual pag sa mga disease and disorder ☺️

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salamat mamsh☺️