When did your LO started holding their bottles?

My LO is turning 10 months in 6 days time. I have been trying to get her to hold her bottle since 6 months old, till now she still refuses to hold her own milk bottle…. There’s no issue with her grip as she can hold her water bottle and training cup well (with or without handles). It’s just the milk bottle that she doesn’t want to hold. Anyone experienced the same thing? 😅 Everytime I try to position her hands and I let go, she will take the bottle and fling it in the air then laugh 🤦🏻‍♀️. #pleasehelp #firsttimemom #firstbaby

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It really depends on individual baby, mine started holding her own bottle when she’s 6 days old and I do see some of my friends babies refused to hold even already 8-10months old.. Give your LO sometimes to get used 😊

looks like she’s not ready. don’t force. let her be a baby for a longer time. my 11 month old can hold but refuses to hold too, but i’ll happily hold it for him because he won’t be a baby for long