Refused to eat

My toddler almost 2.y.o suddenly just refused to eat. But still drinking milk. If lets say she eat, she will eat very little. Like just few bites only . When we introduce new foods..she don't even try to bite or lick, she will just bring it close to her mouth then just put down the spoon without even try to taste at all. Isit normal?

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Hee hee yes that's normal. My son is like that too.. try getting her to help u prepare her food in the kitchen and note that toddlers are more aware of textures and taste. Note what she likes and next time u prepare something, get her to assist u. That helped me with my boy. He is still a fussy eater though.

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5mo ago

You got this momma!!!

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Very common with toddlers… easy way is to accompany them eating .. they love to imitate us.. even eating with playtime works well

5mo ago

tysm for the reply.. appreciate it so much :)