11mo refusing to eat

My baby is 11mo and has always had a good appetite; she would eat anything and try everything. But recently for the past 1 week she has been refusing to eat so literally anything. Now she would only eat 1-2 spoonfuls of food or a few bites of bread, etc or food that she normally enjoys eating. She'd use her tongue to thrust the food out and we're worried she's not getting enough nutrients although she's still drinking milk as per normal. At the same time, she just had her first tooth eruption. Wondering if that happens to babies when they get their first tooth? Or is she just going through a phase? #pleasehelp #firsttimemom #advicepls #firstbaby #FTM #babynoteating

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yes it happens when teeth erupt. very normal. my 1y old has 8 teeth and his appetite gets affected when he’s teething