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Any tips on whether it is better (in terms of which will be easier) to move house in third trimester or after giving birth?

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i remember before i was pregnant, a friend advice not to move house during pregnancy coz of some feng shui taboo thing ( he'a a feng shui master frm China). I suggest after giving birth and after the first few months after pp. Plus , i remembered some old chinese taboo thing like cant drill hole or paint in d house during pregnancy scare baby gets birth marks etc.

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The sooner the better, moving and unpacking can be stressful and chaotic especially when you have to take care of baby at the same time. If you move now you can start setting up the child room, cot, changing table and other necessities so it'd be easier once baby is out.

I also moved when i was in my 3rd trimester. Please engage mover or get husband help as much as possible. Do not tired yourself out. You will be able to focus on welcoming your baby after moving.

Try to move in third trimester before delivery. We also moved to an apartment in 8th month & I setup whole house accordingly. Later it would be difficult as baby will be there along.

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3rd trimester. After you give birth, you’ll be so stressed and tired.. there’s no time or energy to move or unpack stuff.

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better before give birth cos after give birth u will be very tired, and also u don't want the dust to effect the baby later

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Better to move in before baby is born, otherwise its difficult if you're going to take care the baby by yourself.

In 3rd trim now and will be moving house next two weeks, guess its better before the baby arrives

Better before! You’ll be very busy and tired after the birth of your baby

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Better to move before you give birth..