What time did you go into labour?

Comment below the time you went into labour. Was in the morning? Afternoon? Night? Or past midnight? Let us know if you remember the exact time.

What time did you go into labour?
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Don't know. For both my deliveries, it wasn't labour that brought me in. I had high fever, then get admitted to hospital for observation. Get tubes of blood to take multiple tests to determine the cause, and all turned out -ve. And when I get checked, I've already started to dilate. So got to stay in. Both fever triggered hospital admission and happened during the evening /night time.

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The pain started in midnight at 1am but at afternoon I had contractions every 5 mins later got admitted in hospital in the evening, baby was born next day morning


Num 1 contractions in the middle of the night, went in morning then at night e-sect. Num 2 water bag burst in the morning, at about 1plus e-sect.

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2am. Always unearthly hours for both my kids 😂 Only plus point is that there was no traffic jam

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#1: wee morning —-> actual tob: afternoon #2 just before noon —> actual tob: late afternoon

1st born induced at midnite, 2nd born labor started 10am, 3rd born no idea coz due in july. 😂

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baby was born at night and me and my hubby was still watching movie when trying to push

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Early Morning and was admitted around 8 am, delivered in India

Went in in the afternoon 230pm.Give birth next day 9.44pm

Evening 6pm all the way to past midnight 12.20am.